Here at NORi HR & Employment Law, we provide HR consultancy for small businesses throughout the UK. HR advice from professionals is invaluable, and knowing that you have HR consultants that you can rely on will provide you with true peace of mind as a business. As a business owner, you have dozens of things to contend with on a daily basis but when it comes to HR, you can access our professionals to help and support you. It’s crucial for your business to remain legally compliant – no matter what your size, and we have clients who employ just one other person.

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HR Services For Small Businesses

  • HR360 Complete Package – We provide documentation, support and advice to help your HR run smoothly and effectively, freeing up your valuable time and resources. Within this comprehensive HR package, you’ll also benefit from professional on-going advice, documentation created, and phone and email support.
  • HR Management Software – NORi HR & Employment Law also provides and implements HR software for small businesses in the UK. Management software is available for a wide range and sizes of businesses so that you can streamline your processes, and keep your employee records secure.
  • HR Employment Documents – It’s the law to provide new employees with the full and correct documentation from day one. Here at NORi HR & Employment Law, we can make sure that you meet the latest legislations by creating employee documents bespoke to your company.
  • HR CPD Certified Workshops – If you’re a manager running a small business that’s looking to learn more about HR, NORi HR & Employment Law provides comprehensive HR CPD Certified Workshops for a wide range of sectors and business types including education, construction, healthcare, medical care, and more. Within our certified workshops, you’ll learn about the FOUR main segments of HR which includes; HR essentials, equality and diversity, employee relations, and conflict management.

HR Advice For Small Businesses

As you’ll know full well, business is largely unpredictable. Even when things are going smoothly, something will come and knock you off your balance from nowhere. When it comes to HR and unpredictability, we are here for you and provide HR advice for small businesses of all types and sizes. Our fully qualified HR consultants are able to arrange phone calls, respond promptly to your emails, and even set up zoom meetings to ensure we are offering the best possible advice and support. We offer a truly flexible approach that delivers the best outcomes to small businesses just like yours.

HR Consultants For Small Businesses

Small business HR can be tough and having the best team behind you to support issues that arise within your workforce is paramount to ensure your business keeps moving in the right direction. Although many small businesses try to pass the responsibility of HR to the office manager, or even the business owner themselves, partnering with HR consultants like NORi can save you a lot of money, time, and resolve disputes much quicker.

Why Choose NORi & Employment Law?

Our award winning team at NORi are fully committed to providing the best possible service for your business, in line with your individual requirements and always ensuring you are fully compliant with the latest legislations.

HR Support For Small Businesses – Call NORi HR & Employment Law

If you’re looking for HR support for your business, we would love to hear from you today. Whether you’re looking for HR employment documents created, HR management software implemented or to take advantage of our complete HR 360 package, we are here to help. You can completely outsource HR and Employment Law to our award-winning team of experts and let us take care of everything.

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