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CPD Workshops | HR Learning Workshops provide knowledge, tools and confidence

Looking for high-quality and fully accredited CPD workshops for HR? Our HR learning workshops are designed to give your Managers the knowledge, tools, and confidence to effectively manage the employee life cycle of your workforce.

These workshops are open to anyone, whether you are required to complete a set number of CPD hours or not.

Attending our range of HR workshops will enhance your managerial skills and capabilities when it comes to employee relations and conflict management.

Many different types of industries and sectors can take advantage of fully accredited CPD courses with NORI HR including construction, education, finance, legal, social care, healthcare, medical care, and many more.

Course Contents:

Complete course pack including workshop content and assessment materials provided to take away with you


6 hours per workshop


Breakfast, unlimited teas and coffees, lunch and cake

  1. HR Essentials

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Are you a decision maker in the business?

Do you feel equipped to deal with HR processes, ranging from recruitment to a difficult conversation, or exiting an employee from the business?

The HR Essentials course takes the decisions maker (typically a Director or Line Manager) though an Employee’s HR Lifecycle including:

  • Recruitment; the do’s and don’ts when advertising a role.
  • Employee pay and benefits
  • Employee relations
  • Numerous ways employees can exit a business.

We use real situations and allow for free discussion and transfer of experience and knowledge.

Our HR Essentials course is practical and informative which also includes conflict management. We stimulate delegate participation and interest though a range of leaning styles and behaviours.

Interactive sessions include group discussions, presentations, role play and assessments.

By the end of the course our delegates will understand the importance of process in the HR Lifecycle and be able to identify where there is room for improvement.

HR Essentials

  1. Equality & Diversity

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Equality and Diversity is on everyone’s lips but do you understand your responsibilities?

Supervisors and Managers often do not realise what they are doing or saying is wrong. This leaves both themselves and the company open and liable to pay an unlimited amount in compensation.

Training in Equality and Diversity can help to ensure equality takes place in the workplace and reduce the company’s liability.

Our Equality and Diversity training course allows participants to appreciate how they see situations through various ‘filters’ they have developed through their lifetime.

This enables us to identify how we all see things differently and naturally develop prejudices from our own life experiences. This helps delegates to generate an open mind to the subjects that follow and appreciate a requirement for change.

The course allows delegates to understand the importance of equality and how it works within the workplace. We achieve this by using activities that help participants appreciate that everyone is different and to recognise, value and respect these differences.

By the end of the Equality and Diversity training course delegates will:

  • Be able to appreciate the need to see how others see issues, which may be different from how we see them.
  • Understand prejudices and discrimination and appreciate the difference between diversity and equality,
  • Understand the law on equality in the workplace.
  • Identify different types and possible effects of harassment and discrimination
  • To deal effectively with bullying and harassment.
Equality & Diversity

  1. Employee Relations

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Our employee relations and development training is aimed at managers and supervisors who have day to day contact with employees.

The course provides managers with advanced communication skills, knowledge of the benefits and results of recognising and rewarding individual employee contribution, and how to implement and operate employee relations skills across the organisation.

Further to this we will also equip managers and supervisors with the skills to address performance issues and to manage conflicts in the workplace in the correct manner ensuring that the risks for claims are minimised by implementing correct processes.

By using a range of learning tools, we expect our delegates to be able to review their performance management and disciplinary processes and implement good practices for the retention of employees.

Employee Relations

  1. Conflict Management

The majority of us spend a large portion of our waking hours at work, so the quality of our working environment and relationships has a huge impact on our wellbeing which is why our HR training for managers is so important for dealing with conflict management.

In any workplace there will be many different experiences and perspectives: we each see the world in a different way and this all stems back to our upbringing, the way we have seen conflicts resolved in the past and how we currently deal with conflicts.

This means we react in our own way to situations at work, which will affect the relationships we have with those around us. This diversity of experience and thinking is a good thing, but it can sometimes lead to misunderstanding and conflict between people.

Some conflict can be positive as a healthy amount of competition between team members can help the organisation to reach goals. But negative conflict, like bullying and personality clashes, can harm individuals and undermine teamwork.

Upon completing this course delegates will be able to:

  • Identify where conflicts can happen with service users and within the workplace.
  • Identify resolutions to conflicts with both service users and team members
  • How to apply resolution techniques.
Conflict Management

  1. Customer Services

Who are your customers?

Customers can be anyone with whom your Employees come into contact on a day-to-day basis, whether that be external customers (clients/suppliers) and internal customers (colleagues/contractors) across all communications channels – face-to-face, telephone and written.

Training in Customer Services can highlight to Employees the importance of understanding who their customers are and how to interact at all levels.

The course covers theoretical and practical training by offering real life scenarios to the delegates in order for them to use their current understanding in solving the issues presented. The scenarios are then discussed and alternative routes are offered by using the training provided.

Upon completing this course delegates will be able to:

  • Be able to identify who their customers are;
  • Consistently deliver an exceptional standard of service to internal and external customers.
  • Become a more believable, persuasive and influential communicator.
  • Improve internal communications / working relationships between colleagues.
  • Responsively manage customer expectations to avoid unnecessarily escalations or complaints.
  • Handle awkward/embarrassing situations seamlessly to uphold the organisation’s reputation and protect the customer experience.
Customer Services

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