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Expert HR and Employment Law support and advice

HR360 offers phone and email support, branded documentation, HR administration, and letters drafted for you.

We also offer an optional HR Management software package, to keep all your Employee accounts in one secure place, with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

If you need expert HR and Employment Law support and advice, you can just pick up the phone, or drop us an email.

Our lines are open 9 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer your queries.

HR 360 also gives you access to a full set of bespoke Employee documentation, all current and compliant in your jurisdiction, which will be branded in your company’s brand. We can also draft outcome letters for you, and be reassured that you’re staying legally compliant.

To securely and easily manage your Employee HR accounts, you may wish to add an optional HR information management system. This keeps Employee information in one place, leave requests can be managed remotely, and reporting is available to pinpoint any issues.

We recommend a choice of two systems: theHRway, and BREATHE HR:

They both have many valuable features including managing holidays, monitoring absences, tracking performance, and even scheduling shifts and assigning rotas.

If you’d like to know more, just set up a call with us and we can run through your options.

If you opt into either system on top of HR 360, we can manage your administration on the system.

HR Advice and Support

  • Phone and email HR Support
  • Meetings facilitated online

  • Support up to and including Early Conciliation

HR Documents Created

  • Branded Employment Contracts
  • Branded Employment Handbook
  • Branded Apprentice Agreements

HR Administration

  • Probationary letters fully drafted
  • Investigations & disciplinary invites drafted
  • Outcome letters fully drafted
  • Administration of HR management software (if opted in)

HR and Employment Law Advice For Employers

Our clients find that one of the biggest benefits of HR360 is the peace of mind of having access to expert HR advice and support, whenever you should need it. If HR isn’t your speciality, let us take care of that for you, and ensure you stay legally compliant at all times. HR360 also gives you video call support and online meetings, should you require additional help from HR and Employment Law experts.

This support is available up to and including Early Conciliation, giving you the opportunity to come to an early agreement and resolve any HR issues before they progress.

HR Documents

HR360 gives you the opportunity to create your own branded HR documents. We can help you produce a range of essential documentation, including branded employment contracts, handbooks, or fully drafted probationary and outcome letters. We will be able to cover your needs and keep you compliant.

Should it be required, we can also draft clear investigation and disciplinary invites. Give yourself the peace of mind that important procedures are being carried out correctly,  according to the latest guidance and legislation, by signing up to HR360.

HR and Employment Law Support

We support you with finding answers to your Employee’s HR questions, requests, and processes. We can also provide you with an impartial second opinion to help you with important decision making. We also offer you expert support with implementing employment law across your business if required.

All correspondence is logged in your account history alongside the given advice, for security and your peace of mind. No matter how often you require advice and support, whether that’s weekly or only every now and then, you can be confident that we’ll be there when you need us.

Intuitive HR Management Software

You can choose to add (at additional cost) an intuitive and user-friendly online HR management software. You’ll see a dashboard with useful and comprehensive management reporting. The software handles everything from HR document management to holiday requests, absenteeism, and recording Employee information – securely.

Create and centralise your Employee accounts easily, with new uploads completed immediately. Don’t rely on spreadsheets and paperwork – keep all your information in one place and secure. You can check, request, grant, monitor, and measure with just a few simple clicks, saving you valuable time and resource.

Comprehensive Onboarding

When you join up with NORi HR and start your NORi journey, we’ll get to know your business inside out as we take you through our complete HR onboarding service. At the same time, you’ll learn all about the way we work as we begin to analyse and reflect on any HR or Employment Law gaps straightaway.

Outsourcing your HR and Employment Law responsibilities to NORi HR from just £95 a month plus VAT will keep you compliant, give you peace of mind and will free up your valuable time and resources.

We already provide HR and Employment Law support to a wide range of businesses from 2 to 8,000 employees, plus franchised branches of major retailers.

Why not give us a call today on 01254 947829, drop an email to, or use the chat box to get in touch.

We’d love to understand your unique requirements, and advise you on how we can help. Start your NORi journey today!

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