We are proud to announce that we are sponsors of the Speed of Sight Charity. Speed of Sight is an amazing initiative that allows people with disabilities to experience the thrill of a race track. Find out more about what they do, and how NORI HR and Employment Law are involved below.

What is Speed of Sight?

Speed of Sight is a charity that offers those who are blind or with disabilities, the chance to experience a race track. The charity uses specially designed vehicles and advanced driving instructors to make this happen.

The charity was created by Mike Newman. Mike is a race car driver whose passion has always been cars and driving. Unfortunately, Mike was born blind, so has faced many challenges when pursuing his dream. The thing that is so inspiring about Mike himself is his drive and ambition to reach his dream and allow others to achieve theirs.

Mike’s ethos is based on the fact that, just because someone is disabled, doesn’t mean they are unable. This alone is something we really admire at NORI.

How does it work?

NORI HR and Employment Law now contribute monthly towards Speed of Sight. Our donations will help to fund track days and help the charity collect more resources. It is an honour to be involved in giving those who are blind, visually impaired or disabled, a chance to be involved in something so exciting.

Speed of Sight enables participants to drive specially designed cars around race tracks around the country. The cars are fitted with dual controls and participants are accompanied by professional driving instructors.
Sponsored by NORI HR and Employment Law<

After hearing about Speed of Sight at a networking event, NORI HR Director, Jason Govindji-Bruce wanted to get involved.

He said “I was introduced to the Speed of Sight Charity at a networking event. It was a really different concept, something you wouldn’t imagine even exists. Hearing about Mike Newman, his disability and the story behind his successful racing background was truly inspiring and I instantly wanted to get involved.

Allowing those who are disabled, to experience something so exhilarating is really special. I and the rest of the team at NORI HR are truly proud to be involved in such a great initiative and to be part of the Inspire25 Club”.

Speed of Sight Sponsorship certificate NORI HR

How can I get involved?

Speed of Sight is an extremely creative and inclusive company. Whilst they are always looking for donations and sponsors, they also offer corporate, team-building days. If you are a business owner or manager, looking for something different for your team, why not get involved in one of their corporate activity days?
This is certainly a different type of team building! Participants are blindfolded for the circuit, to experience what it is like to drive without vision.

Find out more about Speed of Sight on the website here.

You can also find out more information about how NORI HR and Employment Law support charities locally and nationwide through our multiple CSR campaigns.